The company’s high level of involvement in solving design, administrative, technical, economic and deadline issues directly translated into the success of our construction project.

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We would like to recommend PRO-INVEST S.A. as a reliable and trustworthy company fully prepared to carry out comprehensive construction tasks (…) deep involvement of the staff on every stage of developing the construction project significantly contributed to the final success of building a fully operational production plant.

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We chose PRO-INVEST S.A. The construction project including the design stage lasted around 8 months. I have to admit that we cooperated splendidly. We drafted quite a detailed contract. The contractor had to synchronise schedules with a large-size overhead crane supplier and agree on the method of installation of the cranes.

Fabryka Obrabiarek „Rafamet”
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Alpha Technology Sp. z o.o.

I would like to recommend PRO-INVEST S.A. as a sound and dependable company, fully committed to end-to- end development and construction services. Experienced staff as well as technical and organisation potential guarantee the highest level of service. It must be added that the company’s active involvement in dealing with administrative, technical and economic issues, as well as meeting deadlines, significantly contributed to the success of our construction project.

Alpha Technology Sp. z o.o.
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Trefl, Niepołomice

The construction project was designed and carried out properly and in full within the agreed deadlines and the allocated budget. The time of completing the project, including its design and acquiring the building and occupancy permits, was 7.5 months. Bearing in mind our experience in dealing with the General Contractor, we can recommend them as a good and dedicated partner for carrying out large industrial construction projects.

Trefl - Niepołomice
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Marco sp. zo.o. – Gliwice

Having familiarised ourselves with the offers, we chose PRO-INVEST S.A. Why? We liked their ideas and technological solutions, e.g. those concerning air-conditioning. They advised us on how to solve specific problems and their ideas were not at all the most expensive but trusty solutions, already in use. The cooperation ran smoothly and harmoniously. We got along with the representative of the contractor very well.

Marco sp. zo.o. - Gliwice
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